Time for Honey!

Hive in AugustThe Basswood Bees are doing very well at the Eastman Nature Center!  Thanks to Queen Beelinda’s excellent egg laying skills, the population quickly grew from about 7,500 bees in the spring to approximately 60,000 bees now.    On September 18th, we will remove the honey supers and then extract the honey!

Name the Queen Bee Contest

The Queen of the Basswood Bees needs a name!  Each second grade class has submitted their pick for the Queen’s name and we need your votes to determine the winner.

Please vote for your favorite name and the class that picked the winning name will receive a prize.

Queen Bee


The queen bee is laying eggs!


The Basswood Bees have taken to their new home at Eastman Nature Center.  They ate the marshmallow that blocked the opening of the queen cage and the queen bee is now free to move around the hive and lay eggs!

Queen Bee


The Basswood Bees have arrived!

The Basswood Bees have arrived!


Dave Schroeder

Beekeeper, Dave Schroeder,  of Champlin is holding packages of honey bees. The bees started their journey to Minnesota from CF Koehnen & Sons in Glenn, California.  Each package contains 2 pounds of bees (approx. 7,500 bees), 1 queen bee, and 1 can of sugar water.